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Hi, I’m Glenn (Dutchy) Holland. For more than seven years I’ve been running in triathlon events to support emergency service members affected by PTSD. Many people have joined in on this cause and maybe you can too.



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What is PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition which is triggered by either experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event. Often people suffering from the effects of PTSD  endure symptoms such as severe anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares and uncontrollable thoughts about the event.

Often, people who experience traumatic events may find it difficult to adjust and and cope with it. Fortunately, with time, good self-care and effective support and management, they usually get better. If symptoms worsen, last for extended periods, for example, months or years, or disrupt your day-to-day life activities, you may have PTSD.

Being able to receive early and effective treatment and reduction of the symptoms of PTSD can improve function. The Protecting the Protectors site along with the support of many is promoting discussion around PTSD  to help current and former emergency services members suffering with this condition in any way possible.

Our supporters make a life changing difference!

We are proud to have raised over $100,000 during our everyday hero campaign and that money is being put to support members and families improve lives affected by PTSD.

Our new “Just Giving” campaign is now open:

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Here’s the latest news on events and activities from the #fightingptsdvicpol team.
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Run4Blue 2024 Event

Run4Blue 2024 Event

The run4blue event promotes exercise and mental health where anyone can sign up. All you had to do was pledge to either walk, run, ride or just have a donut for the month of May and help raise valuable funds and awareness for Police legacies around Australia. Our 6th...

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Assistance Dogs program 

Assistance Dogs program 

Protecting the protectors is proud to be the major donors for the newly formed Police Assistance Dog program (PAD) with the Blue Ribbon Foundation Our partnership with Assistance Dogs Australia Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation has chosen Assistance Dogs...

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Media Centre

Protecting the Protectors and #fightingPTSDVicPol improving public awareness with media and event appearances. 


Australian Police Medal

Australian Police Medal

I am very proud of the work I have performed promoting awareness of PTSD and Mental health for our retired veterans and current emergency service members and last year I was awarded the Australian Police Medal. The group photo  above pictures Dutchy, his family,...

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Assistance Dogs program 

Assistance Dogs program 

Protecting the protectors is proud to be the major donors for the newly formed Police Assistance Dog program (PAD) with the Blue Ribbon Foundation Our partnership with Assistance Dogs Australia Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation has chosen Assistance Dogs...

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Reaching new heights of recognition

Today Stuart Grimely MP personally helped raise awareness in Parliament for our #fightingptsdvicpol campaign to help support Victoria Police members and veterans with PTSD and mental health issues.


Mr Grimley MP recounts his own experiences with dedicated hospital staff and adds he, his wife and staff will will be participating in the Run for the Kids, to be held on 7 April in Melbourne.  They will be proud members of the Fighting PTSD VicPol team.

Mr Grimley MP said “I am looking forward to standing strong with Glenn, his team and survivors of PTSD in our endeavours to support the remarkable work of the Royal Children’s Hospital.”

View the full Speech Video here:

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Kokoda Trek 2022

In 2022, the #fightingPTSDVicPol campaign trekked the Kokoda trail to celebrate and recognise ANZAC soldiers.
This exciting event was available to all campaign supporters and was designed to help raise awareness for PTSD and mental health issues whilst working as a team to achieve a lifetime goal of kokoda.

We’re grateful for the help and support everyone has provided for this campaign. Those suffering with PTSD will benefit.

Dutchy awarded 2018 Police Officer of the Year!

Dutchy has been honoured with the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation 2018 Police Officer of the Year Award. This award is in recognition of outstanding service to the Victorian community as a member of Victoria Police, to colleagues through the Protect the Protectors campaign and to the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation.

Dutchy was surprised and delighted for this recognition and continues his focus on providing support for members affected by PTSD and mental health matters.

Glenn (Dutchy) was interviewed by John Deeks on 3AW along with Neil Soullier OAM, the CEO of the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation.

Click the play bar below to listen in on the conversation.

Drop a Cop skydive event 2021

PTSD campaign media support

Extending the reach of PTSD awareness is an important part of this public education process. Glenn recently discussed the PTSD effort with renowned celebrity John Deeks live on 3AW radio Melbourne.

Radio Interview

by 3AW with John Deeks and Glenn Holland

My Story

I am a current serving member with Victoria Police and over the past few years I have observed friends and work colleagues leaving the job due to PTSD. Some have committed suicide whilst some are on a long waiting list of up to 18 months for PTSD treatment.It not only effects them personally it also effects family and friends.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Is a reaction to a traumatic event which has threatened the life or safety of oneself or others.
Victoria Police Members are not immune and are in need of assistance. Join me in helping!


Dutchy’s campaign is reaching members

Dutchy has made it to the cover of The Police Association Victoria’s Journal magazine. Not surprising that people are getting interested because the cause is important!.

How can I help?

There are several options available to those who wish to help increase the awareness of the effects of PTSD and to provide a platform of support for members who are going through a tough time.

  1. Support me in my triathlon competitions
  2. Purchase our campaign apparel from our e-store
  3. Donate directly online through our donations page

Please read on below to find all of the information you need to get started along with me and to help. Any assistance is welcome and your support is truely appreciated!


Emergency service workers may experience horrific events in the course of daily work.

The Protecting the Protectors campaign is building support for emergency service members.

Emergency services workers often attend traumatic events and scenes which may affect their health

Protecting the Protectors is working to build support for emergency services workers suffering with PTSD.

Support is available, but more is needed

The Protecting the Protectors team consists of volunteers – your help is appreciated!

Other great ways to support our Police Force:

Victoria Police
Blue Ribbon Foundation

The Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation perpetuates the memory of members of the Victoria Police who have died in the line of duty through the support of worthwhile community projects within Victoria. We aim to encourage the public of Victoria to remember the sacrifice of officers who have fallen in the line of duty and to show all serving members of Victoria Police that their work and commitment is valued by a caring community.


Victoria Police

Our income is primarily derived from the extremely generous financial support of the many thousands of sworn members of Victoria Police ranging from the newest recruit to the Chief Commissioner, without whom much of the high quality support and services would not be possible. This is complemented by bequests, sponsorship, returns on investment and other donations.


With thanks to our partners & supporters

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