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Hi! I'm Glenn (Dutchy) Holland, Over the past few years I have been running Triathlon events to support VicPol members affected by PTSD.
Many people have joined in on this cause and together we have raised over $75,000 in direct support. There's still work to do and we rely on everyone's kind assistance to continue.


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Kokoda Trek 2020

The #fightingPTSDVicPol campaign is extending their reach by trekking the Kokoda trail to celebrate and recognise ANZAC soldiers.
Participation in this exciting event is available to all campaign supporters and is designed to help raise awareness for PTSD and mental health issues whilst working as a team to achieve a lifetime goal of kokoda.
Limited places are available, further information and bookings are available by following the link below.

Members need your help

There's a lot we can do to support VicPol members suffering with PTSD. Get in touch to find out how.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a reaction to a traumatic event which has threatened the life or safety of oneself or others. Victoria Police Members are not immune and are in need of assistance. Join me in helping!

Reaching new heights of recognition

Today Stuart Grimely MP personally helped raise awareness in Parliament for our #fightingptsdvicpol campaign to help support Victoria Police members and veterans with PTSD and mental health issues.

Mr Grimley MP recounts his own experiences with dedicated hospital staff and adds he, his wife and staff will will be participating in the Run for the Kids, to be held on 7 April in Melbourne.  They will be proud members of the Fighting PTSD VicPol team.

Mr Grimley MP said "I am looking forward to standing strong with Glenn, his team and survivors of PTSD in our endeavours to support the remarkable work of the Royal Children’s Hospital."

Video of the speech is available for view by clicking on the image in this post.



Dutchy awarded 2018 Police Officer of the Year!

Dutchy has been honoured with the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation 2018 Police Officer of the Year Award. This award is in recognition of outstanding service to the Victorian community as a member of Victoria Police, to colleagues through the Protect the Protectors campaign and to the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation.

Dutchy was surprised and delighted for this recognition and continues his focus on providing support for members affected by PTSD and mental health matters.

Glenn (Dutchy) was interviewed by John Deeks on 3AW along with Neil Soullier OAM, the CEO of the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation.

Click the play bar below to listen in on the conversation.

Meet our ambassadors:

We're grateful for the help and support everyone has provided for this campaign. Those suffering with PTSD will benefit.


Our Melbourne Marathon team is ready to go!

I have a great team who will be helping me spread awareness for PTSD and mental health issues for our vicpol members at the Melbourne Marathon, Sunday 14th October 2018.

Our #fightingptsdvicpol team of nine consists of Myself, Pat, Trinette, Steph, Dave, Amanda, Brendan and Alexis for the half marathon and my brother Craig for the full marathon.

Again this year our official ambassador and good friend Alexis Daish - crime reporter for Channel 9 news has been raising awareness and donations for our campaign. Alexis will again be running the 21.1km race.
To date Alexis has raised over $12,381 towards her $15,000 target.

Here is alexis link to donate.

Craig will also be running the event in the #fightingptsdvicpol campaign top and has also began raising donations along the way. His goal is to raise $5,000 and in just over a week he has already raised $1701.00

Here is Craigs link to donate…/fightingpt…

Warrnambool Police Surf 2 Surf PTSD Effort

A 30-strong team will wear special shirts in Sunday’s Surf ‘T’ Surf fun run highlighting the Protecting the Protectors’ message.

Beyondblue describes post-traumatic stress disorder as “a particular set of reactions that can develop in people who have been through a traumatic event which threatened their life or safety, or that of others around them”.

Senior Sergeant Di Thomson said donning the #FightingPTSDVicPol tops would help the general public better understand the pressures those in the police force faced.

“I think we’ve all become a lot more aware that the mental health implications for policing is extraordinary and the mental health review has confirmed that,” she said.

“Victoria Police now is really trying to educate members about what can be done.

“Looking after our mental health is one of the greatest things you can do to stay active as you go through your career with Victoria Police.”

Read the full story by Justine McCullagh-Beasy from The Standard on the link below:


Read the full story here


Article pictures and story by Justine McCullagh-Beasy from


Behind the scenes support at Melbourne's own, Radio 3AW!

It takes a lot of assistance to get the message out there for a campaign such as the Protecting The Protector, #fightingPTSDvicpol. The support from John Deeks and the team at Melbourne's own, 3AW has been of great assistance and is truely appreciated.

Dutchy has been interviewed and appeared on Radio a few times during this campaign and each time spport has grown further. You can see in this picture, one of the campaign banners draped over the back of the control room seat.

My Story

I am a current serving member with Victoria Police and over the past few years I have observed friends and work colleagues leaving the job due to PTSD. Some have committed suicide whilst some are on a long waiting list of up to 18 months for PTSD treatment.

It not only effects them personally it also effects family and friends.

15 years ago I recall my first day walking into the Victoria Police Academy and hearing the words -

"Welcome, You are about to have a front row seat to the world, You will see and encounter everything first hand, You will deal with situations that no one would think could or should ever occur. You will have to make split decisions on the spot and have no time to think about it. You will just do it"

My campaign with the assistance of all key stake holders - The Blue Ribbon Foundation, The VIctoria Police Association, ESSSuper, Bank VIC and in conjunction with my triathlon club - Mornington Peninsula Triathlon Club is to raise awareness and funds to battle the Black dog.


Fighting PTSD Vicpol campaign reaches target with Horsham donation

WIMMERA police are helping raise awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder through a statewide campaign.

Victorian officer Glenn Holland was motivated to start Fighting PTSD Vicpol after a family friend serving in the force took his own life.

Detective Leading Senior Constable Holland said discussions with another officer, who took leave from work for the disorder 18 months ago, revealed there were long waiting periods for people seeking treatment.

He set out to raise $30,000 to address this, and for a specialised emergency services PTSD clinic. He has now reached his goal.

Horsham Police Station donated more than $2000 in memory of former members Gavin Frew and Ryan Margetts, who died last year.

Wimmera Superintendent Paul Margetts said the campaign was an amazing initiative.

Read the full article by Peter Hanlon by clicking the link below:

Click here to read more



PTSD campaign with media support

Extending the reach of PTSD awareness is an important part of this public education process. Glenn recently discussed the PTSD effort with renowned celebrity John Deeks live on 3AW radio Melbourne.

Click the buttons below to listen in on the conversation.


Dutchy's campaign is reaching members

Dutchy has made it to the cover of The Police Association Victoria's Journal magazine. Not surprising that people are getting interested because the cause is important!.

Read the full article by Peter Hanlon by clicking the link below:

Click here to read more



Victorian Detective Heads North To Spread PTSD

Story supplied by

Victorian police detective, Glenn Holland is returning to his childhood home of Tropical North Queensland to continue spreading the word about the impact of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) on members of our State and National police forces.

A convert to IRONMAN after watching IRONMAN Melbourne in 2014, Glenn is using triathlon to raise awareness in the community about the impact of PTSD and to raise funds for the establishment of a treatment centre in Victoria. Having already done the Noosa Triathlon, IRONMAN 70.3 Ballarat and IRONMAN Geelong 70.3, the next stop on Glenn’s calendar is IRONMAN 70.3 Cairns on 11 June, 2017.

“My wife Katrina, my son and I were watching a friend compete in the 2014 IRONMAN Melbourne. It looked exciting and I said to Katrina ‘I wouldn't mind doing this race’. The only problem was - I didn’t own a bike, I hadn’t swam since primary school and I didn’t know how to run. I really didn’t know what was involved in doing a triathlon.”

Using the training an outlet for stress relief, Glenn gave himself a year to understand triathlon and get himself into shape to the tackle the full IRONMAN distance.

“The day was amazing and it proved to me that when you put your mind to a task anything is possible. It was one of the greatest days of my life and having Katrina at the finish line giving me my medal was the icing on the cake,” Glenn said.


In his role as a serving policeman Glenn was acutely aware that many of his friends and colleagues were facing their own daily challenges with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, brought on by their exposure to traumatic situations they encounter in the course of their daily duties.

“PTSD is a reaction to a situation which has threatened the life or safety of oneself or others and unfortunately traumatic events are often too common for police members whom at times are required to just take it on the chin and move on. It is common to have flashbacks and think to ourselves ‘How did I get through that?’ and there are some members that are not coping.”

New Tri event - Asia Pacific


Two new events for 2018:

Victoria Police & Emergency Services Games


The Wings For Life World Run

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 2.28.48 pm

Support Reaches Cairns with the 70.3

I used to live in the Northern beaches of Cairns for many years and am excited at the thought of competing in this race whilst spreading the word for my #fightingptsdcampaign. The race starts in Palm Cove with a 1.9 km swim with a beautiful scenic 90km ride into Cairns and then finish with a 21.1 km run around the Esplanade.

Ironman 70.3 Cairns 11th of June 2017

Located at The Esplanade, Cairns, Queensland, Australia 4870 Australia 4870



It would be great to see as many people as possible attend any of these events, your support in raising awareness is appreciated!

I'm tri-ing in support of PTSD


because I want to help!

By competing in the coming triathlon season and with support from many individuals and businesses, I hope to raise awareness about PTSD to my work colleagues and to the community to highlight that police members, even though they appear tough on the outside when attending to an emergency situation, can break over time after reliving many sad, bad or traumatic situations that have been encountered in the course of a Members' daily duties.

"311 to VKC, Members need assistance... black dog disturbance in progress"

ESSSuper  Helping spread the word

The word is spreading with great supporters to the cause. We are the first story in the ESSS news feed today. Getting noticed is a positive step forward in raising awareness for PTSD and for enabling the pathways to help open for all Victoria Police members.
Click the link below to read the article:…/glenn-holland-raising-awarene…

What is PTSD?

PTSD is a reaction to a traumatic event which has threatened the life or safety of oneself or others. This could be through attending a serious or fatal car accident, investigating a physical or sexual assault, conducting welfare checks and locating a deceased person either through suicide or natural causes or assisting in the investigation of SIDS deaths.

Unfortunately these events are often too common for VICPOL members whom at times are required to just take it on the chin and move on.

It's common to have flashbacks and think to ourselves "how did i get through that?" but there are some members that are not coping.

My campaign is to assist Members in speaking up to say they need a hand and to reassure them that help is available for VICPOL Members.


How can I help?

There are several options available to those who wish to help increase the awareness of the effects of PTSD and to provide a platform of support for members who are going through a tough time.

  1. Support me in my triathlon competitions
  2. Purchase our campaign apparel from our e-store
  3. Donate directly online through our donations page

Please read on below to find all of the information you need to get started along with me and to help. Any assistance is welcome and your support is truely appreciated!

"Any assistance is welcome and your support is truely appreciated!"

- Glenn Holland


Triathlon Events

My efforts will be self funded and I will be representing my Triathlon Club - MPTC. I thank MPTC for their support of my goal during their 30th year of club operations. I will be wearing all of the clothing you see here throughout the upcoming triathlon season - my events for the season are shown below:

Noosa Triathlon 30th of October 2016

Ballarat 70.3 Half Ironman 11th of December 2016

Geelong 70.3 Half Ironman 19th of February 2017

Bendigo Ultimate 70.3 Triathlon 12th of March 2017

Ironman Cairns 70.3 Triathlon 11th of June 2017

It would be great to see as many people as possible attend any of these events, your support in raising awareness is appreciated!


Help spread the word

Awareness is the first step in providing support for PTSD. You can help get the message out there and show your support by tagging your social media posts and training activities with our hash tag "#fightingptsdvicpol". Your support is appreciated!










To help increase awareness and understanding of PTSD and how it can affect Police Members, and to importantly provide support to these Members, financial support is important.

Funds are needed to grow the existing support to a level where more Members can gain better access to these critical and needed services.

My aim is to raise over $30,000 towards hospital engagement and make a specialised emergency services PTSD clinic.

You are encouraged to show your support by way of any financial donation you are able to contribute via our online secure donations page.

Help make a difference by donating now!

Case Study

Being diagnosed with chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder often comes after suffering in silence on your own for quite some time. The feeling that 'something isn't quite right' can affect quality of life, relationships, health and life at work, in many combinations.

How members deal with the stress and try to overcome the pain and upset is a deeply personal journey. A journey which is not well understood and one which is difficult for the people diagnosed and the people around them.

Read on and consider the story of John, a member for almost thirty years and how he did and is continuing to deal with he effects of PTSD.

PTSD is referred to as the Black Dog

Support from the top

PTSD affects members in a profound and intimate way. In the course of day-to-day work any member may experience traumatic circumstances which gradually over time, build up and take their toll. No one is immune from the possibility of this occurring and help is on its way from the top to put support structures in place to more thoroughly address the condition and how it affects members.

This campaign hopes to pave the way, at least in some measurable manner, to make the lives of members more comfortable while overcoming the scourge of the black dog.


Assisting Members

Post traumatic stress disorder presents challenges in maintaining health and quality of life. Members in need of assistance can contact the Police Association Victoria (TPAV) or VICPOL welfare services for confidential assistance.


The Police Association Victoria


2015 Melbourne Ironman

It all started with a single conversation!

March 2014, My wife Katrina, my son Luke and I were watching the 2014 Melbourne Ironman race in Edithvale. It looked exciting and I said to Katrina I wouldn't mind doing this race.
Katrina said "Why Not - Do it" The only problem was I don't swim, I didn't own a  bike and I can't run.
I had 1 year to try and understand triathlons and train for it. The training was exhausting although I did use it as an outlet for stress relief.
March 2015 was race day. This day consisted of a 3.8 km swim, 180 km Bike Ride and a 42.2 km run which began in Frankston and finished in St Kilda.
The day was amazing and it proved to me that when you put your mind to a task and have the best support crew behind you - Anything is possible.
Of course I had set backs over the course of my journey and at times just wanted to give up but I pressed on. Getting up at 4.30 am to run 21.1 km just for training prior to work was at times exhausting.
One of the greatest days of my life and having Katrina at the finish line giving me my medal was the icing on the cake.



Mornington Peninsula Triathlon Club

We are proud to be supporting Glenn Holland in his upcoming campaign to raise awareness of PTSD and his representation of VICPOL members.
We are honoured to have this association and support his goal during our 30th anniversary year of the club.
Mornington Peninsula Triathlon Club Committee

Cooking at
Home is Fun

The team at Cooking at Home is Fun are proud to support Glenn in his efforts to bring awareness and support to Victoria Police Members.

We wish every success to the Protecting the Protectors campaign and that lasting improvement can be achieved through Glenn's efforts to the benefit of many.


Michael & Melinda

Cooking at Home is Fun


Supporting Dutchy and this PTSD campaign is something the authors are delighted to support and be involved in.

Support for our supporters!

Thank you to all of our friends and supporters of this PTSD campaign. Our friends and site sponsors at Cooking At Home is Fun have a series of delicious "cooking at home is fun" cookbooks available for you to enjoy.

The brand new book for 2020 is also available. With this set of books you can cook a new recipe every week for more than five years without repeating a recipe or running out of options!

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TPAV Journal

Reaching a wider audience is an important part of raising awareness of PTSD. The TPAV Journal has included an article on Dutchy which can be viewed by clicking on this link:

TPAV Journal

Eyewatch takes notice

My campaign was recently promoted by Eyewatch. It's a great thrill to receive extended coverage and to introduce more people to my efforts with my PTSD campaign.

Here's the article in full:

Detective Acting Sergeant Glenn Holland will be pushing his body to the limit for a worthy cause. Glenn is dedicating the triathlon season to raising awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder in the emergency services, something he is incredibly passionate about.

The #fightingptsdvicpol campaign kicked off last October and has since raised over $4,000. Glenn has already completed one of four half ironman events. Requiring rigorous preparation, the events consist of a 1.9km swim, 90km bike ride and 21.1km run.


PTSD in the Media

The exposure of PTSD in the mainstream media has been increased with Glenn's efforts in his campaign. Grateful for support and on track for succeeding in increasing awareness to improve conditions for those suffering with PTSD.

Proudly supported by

Help make a difference by donating now!