#fightingptsdvicpol campaign flying the flag this year at the MCG Stadium Stomp

When you attend sporting events at the MCG you will always see our Victoria Police members walking up and down the aisles keeping an eye on the crowd to make sure everyone is safe and doing the right thing.

Last week I advertised the MCG stadium stomp on our #fightingptsdvicpol Instagram and facebook pages to find out who was going to be out there flying the flag to help raise awareness for PTSD and mental health issues with our Victoria Police members on Sunday the 22nd of July.

To my delight, I was contacted by Samantha McHugh and Ben King – Event Director from Stadium Stomp HQ who saw the campaign post and this was the message I received.

We’d love to provide you with 2 entries to Stadium Stomp MCG and would be more than happy to include your story in our event media releases leading up to Stadium Stomp to help you raise awareness for your fight against PTSD

So It is with great pleasure that I offer these 2 entry tickets which are worth $80 each and I am happy to accept a donation starting from $60 per ticket. Please message me through the facebook page to secure your ticket.

To find out more about Stomp Stadium MCG or to sign up please visit the webpage www.protectingtheprotectors.com and go to the event tabs.

to Stomp click here

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